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Fall Creek,, WI

Basic information about Promise: 

Su is a Biochemist/Physiologist.  Michael & Su have been involved for 4 decades in individually balancing chemistries using the Reams program as originally taught by Dr. Manthei and Doc Reams as well as the Digestive Health System using professionally matched enzymes. This is a highly accurate and successful ministry using Biblical Roots of disease with the imbalances and involves teaching and in some cases Retreats.  Su also evaluates medical history and consults with staff MD's. 
To start, we need a phone consult to set up the program.  There are various programs available depending on your needs.  Michael & Su are readily available via phone and email for consults to fine tune the chemistry.  From there we decide what diet, supplements, lifestyle alterations and ministry may be indicated.  Outpatient appointments are available if necessary, or facilities for overnight if available for an extensive consult. Retreats are also an option once the chemistry is assessed.  We take MC, Visa or Discover if you wish. You may send an email request for an information packet or a consultation for more detailed information.   
We Travel & Teach...
REMEMBER,  plan ahead.   Your order will be usually be shipped within 3 working days.  As always, we’ll let you know when your order ships.

EMAIL is the best mode of communication.  Su is ALWAYS on email --even while we’re traveling.  Even if we’re tied up in conferences (or w the grandkids :) we check emails several times every day Mon thru Thurs noon.  We catch up on weekend messages on Monday.


I Thess 4:6  “In EVERYTHING give thanks!”

Michael & Su


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