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“The Garden”

For the Lord will comfort Zion;

He will comfort all her waste

Places, and He will make her wilderness like Eden, And her desert like the


Joy and gladness will be found therein.

Thanksgiving, and the voice of Melody. 

Isaiah 51:3


Promise Patches…

our AMAZING Hi Brix Garden!
We're enjoying our AMAZING Hi Brix Garden!

Here's some of our favorites:  
we do some Heirloom varieties
tips and what works for us...

Favorite tomatoes…
  • San Marzano's…No rot.  Tall amazing strong vines, not a bit of disease and ABUNDANT production! 70+ quarts of sauce and salsa and spagetti sauce.  I roast a LOT of san marzano's w onion and garlic…and can or freeze them w a bit of olive oil, balsamic, capers…what an amazing tomato soup they make!  
  • Ananias Noire…beautiful, abundant, colorful, yummy!
  • Green Zebra…lemony, vibrant green when ripe. also trying Red Zebra this year! Mike loves the Red Zebra's even MORE!
  • Delicous.  abundant, perfect red tomato. Black Prince and several plants of the yellow's.  We'll make more V8 this year. with the colored tomatoes we end up w RED V8, GREEN V8, and YELLOW V8... the highlight of our canning!
Peppers..we grow them for relish, fresh of course and all our sauces, juicing and stir fry.  They are gorgeous to line your aisles of your garden … beautiful plants for a decorative edge!  (don't plant close to your tomatoes! peppers will flower but hesitate to bear fruit!)
  • Giant Marconi.  Oh my goodness these will be my MAIN pepper AGAIN this year.  BEST roasted (grilled) and skinned, then made into the amazing pureed cream pepper soup…but wonderful and gorgeous to use in all your salads and cooking! 
  • Shishito's…a DELIGHTFUL little plant covered with abundance of little peppers for stir fry, fresh and canning.  I pour a  pint over a roast beef whenever I bake it. juice and all … yummy! similar to pepperoncini peppers
  • Mucho Nacho Jalapeño for relish! (and poppers!)  
  • other favorites are the purple, red and yellow bells.  Peppadew.  so cute but HOT!! Pepperoncini…abundant as the Shishito's, sweet banana…can you tell we love our pepper plants? 
Our Favorites…
  • Enough snow peas for fresh eating and stir fry.  mine produced ALL summer last year til I finally pulled em up
  • Eggplant.  with our abundance 6 plants produced HUNDREDS of eggplant. we gave away 35 of them to one lady.  more than I could ever use.  tip: plant zinnias by your eggplant. keeps away the japanese beetles.
  • Jade II beans.  oh my goodness.  9-10" long. 29 beans per stem.  and they don't quit.  delicious, so fun to pick and abundant! I'll never plant another green bean
  • Okra.   Oh yummy okra pickles!   Red okra, burmese okra…a LOT of okra…this year we planted a LOT again.  love them grilled!!  or fried (roll in fresh ground cornmeal) …okra fritters (see cookbook..yum!) and even made okra pancakes…Mike's favorite food!  but will make a LOT more pickles…dills! 
  • Pickles/cucumbers. Fancipak. We like the vine ones, not bush bc we put them on an arch.  they climb and are so fun to pick. Did over 30 1/2 gallons of dills.  grandkids eat em like candy! and gave away BUSHELS
  • Sweet corn.  we grow a LOT and give it away.  best corn in the county!  we grow Providence. BRIX is OFF THE CHART!! 
  • Broccoli…6 plants is too many for me.  will do 2 this year.  they go til frost unless you pull them out.  Had bushels of broccoli.
  • Blue curly kale.  decorative, yummy, simply beautiful.  first thing I plant and it goes all summer…even after frost. We plant it along the shop for BEAUTY!  it is magnificent and goes in early and grows til hard freeze...delicious!!
  • Beets.  I do 2-3 varieties.  love em.  greens too.
  • Buttercrunch lettuce.  makes gorgeous leaf lettuce and heads.  crunchy, buttery. Was Grandma A's favorite. we also do the Melody spinach and Red Romaine. replant mid August for fall greens!
Herbs…we already have abundant perennials…chives, oregano, sage, Lemon Thyme, mint and lemon balm for tea!…
  • We love our basil…sweet Basil and 
  • Thai Basil for your Thai dishes (stock up on coconut milk and red curry!)
  • We grow borders of parsley.  beautiful and since we use so much. My kidneys love parsley!
  • Cruiser Cilantro.  keep it in a pot in a shady spot and it'll go ALL SUMMER! 
  • and a LOT of dill of course.  oh my I have beautiful volunteer dill all over the place. 
We've been doing "bread bar" with our fresh ground grains baked into warm beautiful loaves, using our pickled relishes, pickles, beets, eggplant "caviar", caponata, okra pickle, corn relish, Shirley's sauerkraut...some grated Wisconsin cheeses, etc…our guests and grandkids LOVE IT~
We're so enjoying our Amish raised free range chickens, our Jersey beef…amazing meats…we even canned meat this year…corned beef and venison.  yummy!  
And our Jersey Milk cows, Georgia & Gracie, will freshen in July again so we'll have an ABUNDANCE of milk again! YAY

watch for updates!

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